Comfort Food Addiction and Stress Link – How to Create Choices to Have Joy Within Eating

Comfort food addiction is described by these attributes. Food products that have the highest levels of sugar, fat , salt as well as other chemical compounds that have been process together to enhance and amplify flavors are higher than normal levels of food. Due to the excessive levels of sugar, fat and salt as well as other chemicals the body’s chemistry changes to adjust to the effects of digesting these meals which results in altering the person’s chemistry. Visit:-

When the body’s chemistry is altered, it affects the emotional and mental association to comfort food, and relaxation through repeated eating comfort food to reinforce of behavior through comfort food the mind learns to be relaxed before it begins eating your comfort food. It also develops mental addiction and behaviors.

The way that comfort food impacts relaxation is by reducing energy within the body, which is the result of the impact of changing chemistry and the mind identify the change in chemistry as relaxation. The root of any addiction is the either mental or emotional as well as body stress, which is felt in shoulders and tension in body and spirit energy force that connects the body and mind which is aided by their breathing patterns that can aid in the development of the addiction. It is the interplay of the three factors that need to be address to change persons habitual behavior. The ability of the individual spirit to influence their physical, emotional and enjoyable reality has to be developed and integrated otherwise you combat your addiction, but you do not change your addiction. The capacity to increase one’s personal spirit is directly connected to the power of breath/core because to achieve it at the highest level the entire body is engaged in every breath, and the mind is conscious (conscious does not think but being in the moment, which allows you to think through the sense of feeling and body) of the experience that occurs during breathing. It is clear that breath and spirit are both connected to its power within and is express with each exhale.

Over time the mind and body will adjust its sense of taste in order to deal with comfort foods over active taste, which has an effect of numbing tongue and tongs to the point that a person will find it difficult to smell anything apart from processed foods. Due to altered taste, one will constantly choose the processed food over other ones because it’s the only time they’re able to taste their food. Other foods that have not been processed will appear bland which makes them unappealing to eat. It can take time to recover taste once person stop snacking on comfort food.

Mindless eating and consume comfort food to satisfy your taste is not the issue but producing a chemical to induce a tranquility is. The food is consumed when one is contemplating emotionally and is in a lonely. There are also times having a conversation with others attending parties and eating comfort food items, with its rich taste of salt, sugar and fat. One of the best times to indulge in comfort food is during entertainment like watching T.V. The mind’s focus isn’t on the eating of food but in conjunction of doing others emotionally. Comfort food is a relaxing way to let one escape into a world of entertainment while the you eat mindlessly in order to create a relax mind state. It creates an emotional reality about your favorite foods that drives the eating to create an emotional cluing experience that is possible to recreate. Because eating is an emotional physical activity that is learned it is possible to replace the old with a more dynamic experience around food and be able to balance their desires with requirements by identifying methods and concepts that are within every method they employ to create their relationship with food. The rule of life is “a person is greater then the some of their behavior” For people possess their spirit to work from to change their behavior if they can tap into its power, which is a positive conscious force.

Indulging in comfort food while you are thinking or just to keep yourself entertained is a normal behavior. If the more you weigh 35 pounds or over weight, you are addicted to the chemical emotional change which occurs when you eat the foods you love to eat. To break the cycle of addiction, a person needs to devise a plan together that affects them personally, emotionally and physically, in order to make a difference over the long term. Finding an addiction treatment program that is beneficial to you is just the first of overcoming addiction for its the first part. In order to recover from addiction and the thoughts that fuel a person, they have to alter their physical and emotional energy interaction between the mind and body. It is possible to gain short-term and long-term impacts, but to be most impactful, one must create their own program in side themselves to transform their emotional reality into one that is positive with a love of what they do. When you are addicted, your behavior is centered around the emotions that are triggered by your addiction. there is no emotional change in person life. Addiction controls your emotional reality and your time at a certain point, affecting your spirituality to create your emotions over time and being impermanent. The addiction prevents you from changing and developing a creative range of feeling about life, and the power of being spiritual being within what you do for pleasure.

If you’re planning to change what you are eating, there has to be a way to do it that influences your mental, physical, and physical interrelations with food. Eating is an emotional event simply look at all the senses that are activated when you work with food . The question is, what type of emotion during the time of eating does a person want to generate when they are consumed by food and eating? It is common for people to create an atmosphere using meals that are comfort food and it is easy to make, but it is very sensual when eating it with your hands or by licking it using a tong. An example can be seen in cake there are two ways to enjoy it. One way is on plates and it will be staged, and the other is pick it up and having the feel of the food in your hands and then put it in your mouth. Use of the hands is highly emotional and powerful connection to food that is comforting. This is a way to test the emotional connection between how you eat your food, which affects your emotional response to the food. If you are using your hands to eat the comfort food, put it on the plate, and use forks to eat it. wait minute between each bite and then observe what feelings are generated by your favorite food in this way. There are emotional factors that people create around food so eating is just not that simple. The problem is what do people like to create emotional value from food.

Here are some tips to alter the relationship between emotions and eating comfort foods. Make sure to not use your hands but serve it on plate and then use a fork. To overcome the craving for comfort foods is dependent on emotional behavioral habits being redirected into and finding other ways to consume comfort food so that you don’t repeat the same pattern, the goal is stop being able to repeat the behavior of comfort food so eating it differently each time. Each time you eat comfort food different so the brain has to look at the food and consider what it’s doing. Habits are a habit that can be repeated, therefore changing the way person eats comfort foods doesn’t allow the brain get emotionally attached to food. This is like the addictive emotional state in which the individual has to alter their emotional connection to comfort foods. Changing emotional patterns with comfort foods can cause a disruption to the emotional connection to the food. The goal here is little behavior pattern change will force your mind to become conscious of its action and the real decision is made to eat it or how much to eat and realize that the food tastes good. Variable patterns of thought and actions regarding how you eat comfort foods breaks the emotional pattern of behavior and affects what your eating. when you eating comfort food differently each time you eat it will alter the impact emotionally , so that it doesn’t permit the old emotional patterns to bring up the addictive emotional state.

Emotional change is challenging within the struggle of overcoming eating habits that are comfort food-based and overweight. It starts with knowledge of what kind of emotional connection you wish to establish when eating and knowledge of foods affect on the body. What is the best way to alter your behavior and how you alter your emotional response in regards to food. In order to establish the most effective approach to an addict is changing, one must be aware of what food is the purpose of food and how to organize events through food, which promotes pleasure with food.

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